It seems every month or so there are new apps being developed. Sometimes parents can find themselves at a loss in trying to keep up with the new apps, and how to safe guard their teens and kids from unhealthy consequences of the virtual world they often live in. Here are a couple more apps that teens are finding popular:

Burn Note:
This app is popular because it claims to virtually erase any message. This app is limited to text messages, no pictures or video available. It displays only one word at a time, which makes it seem more secretive to teens. Because it promises to completely delete message, teens may be more tempted to reveal more than they should. You can also get a notice on a message, even if you don’t have this app.

This is an all in one mobile hub with teen friendly elements. They have “stickers” multiple emotions, text, video and voice messaging. It also has a hidden chat feature that parents need to be aware of. Users can decide how long a message can be seen before it disappears–anywhere from a couple seconds to a couple weeks.

Dating Apps (None of these are recommended for teens)

One challenge with tinder and teens is this app has no age verification needed, teens can be matched up with an adult. There have also been security breaches with this app where the user’s data was exposed.

Again, there is no age requirement with this app. In addition there is a GPS feature where one’s location can be revealed.

This is an app that let’s one sort their Facebook friends that they are “down” with hooking up with. This app perpetuates the very dangerous teen “hook up” culture, and should be avoided by teens.

On behalf of Desert Streams we support parents/guardians in being educated on social media and the pros and cons in regards to what is available to teens. We hope this information has been helpful and hope that you have a wonderful May.

Article submitted by Pam Stinchcomb