Hey, Facebook, I wanted to just take a second and talk about depression, because with winter kind of ending and summer come coming, I’ve been hearing from a lot of people that they’re experiencing depression and especially even some people that I wouldn’t normally think about it from myself being one of them. And it got me thinking that, you know, there are a number of things that can cause depression. And so I wanted to talk about that for a second.

Now, certainly, if you’re experiencing depression, there are emotional and relational factors, and those are the things that people would come to see somebody like me for. And certainly that’s that’s the focus of what I do. But I also wanted to just do some quick education on the fact that there are a number of physiological factors that can cause depression. That can be a reality for people. Hypothyroidism, for example, if you’re looking at physiological factors that are involved, the election system, different types of infections.

So anything from West Nile virus to hep C Lyme disease, those kind of things can cause depression. Vitamin deficiencies can cause depression. So if you’re deficient in like V12 or folate, for example, talk to your doctor about that. Vitamin D is another thing. This type of this time of year is probably good to talk to your doctor about to see if you’re deficient. Lots of people, especially in the Midwest, are deficient in that kind of thing, different medications, beta blockers, any kind of thing like that.

Those things can cause depression as well. If you started a new medication, sometimes you even just depend on something for a little while. So I just want to encourage people that I had you know, I had a couple of days this last week where I would describe what I was feeling is really down by with a really depressed mood. And I was like, what is going on? And and so what I figured out was I think it honestly, it felt like something that might have been viral and that can that can be a reality.

So if you’ve got something that’s going on, if you start obviously if you start having thoughts like you want to hurt yourself or take your own life, you know, you can call Griffin place two on one. If you if you want to dial it, you can see somebody like me, we can help you kind of dig into that. But then there also may be other things, too, that things may be going great and you just you need to take some V12 or something too.

So I hope that’s encouraging and hopefully help you get through this little this time at the end of winter when when spring’s come in and get some hope and and get you into summer and some of those months that tend to be to be up. But if they’re not, feel free to to give me a shout in and be glad to just talk through it with you or help you troubleshooting those problems that I can. So have a good one.