It can feel exhausting to stay up on the current teen trends, you tube videos, apps, Netflix, music, etc. We wanted to take some time to highlight one such trend on Netflix. There is a current series out on Netflix entitled “Thirteen Reasons Why”. It basically highlights the thirteen different hurts towards a young teen by other people. As she contemplates suicide, she rights a note to each of these people explaining the “reason why their actions drove her to suicide”. Teens have been drawn to this show, as it does depict the struggles, hurts and loneliness that can come with the teen years. Yet many in the mental health field are concerned about the message it sends young teens on suicide, getting the last word in, teaching someone a lesson, finding an escape. Suicide is a tough subject to discuss with young people and it is a very real eternal subject. Many school districts around the country have been made aware of this show, and have sent letters home warning parents about the dangers of this show, the draw it has for teens and the manner in which it glorifies suicide. The National Association of School Psychologists has also issued a statement of warning to parents/schools/teens in regards to the dangers of the message in this show. Please feel free to look up their official statement here.

As believers we want to encourage you to be speaking life and truth into the lives of hurting teens, challenge them to see the truth of who God is and what Jesus did for them. Help them to see, comprehend, and take hold of:

*They are worthy!
*They are made in the image of God, who they are is a very real part of who God is. He imparted that into them.
*Their body is a temple, it is the dwelling place of God through His Holy Spirit. God has an “address” on planet earth, and it is in their body He resides.
*Death has been defeated, Jesus has already died and rose and by doing so conquered–fear, loneliness, hurt, abandonment, sin, gossip.
*They are not alone, God sticks closer to them then a friend.
*Don’t believe or give into the enemies’ lies, God wants them to be victorious over these lies.
*God’s plan for them is for them to prosper in ALL things.

We encourage you to be aware of this Netflix show and to be diligent to protect the teens in your area of influence to be standing in the truth of God’s word, and His desire for their life.

Respectfully submitted by Pam Stinchcomb, LMSW