Patrosky Anderson
Call/Text 269-350-4459
Location: Kalamazoo
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  • Marriage & Couple Counseling
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Young Adult Issues
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Spiritual Growth & Direction
  • Adolescence Issues


  • Over 25 years in Young and Young Adult Ministry
  • Pastoral Counseling Training


  • Currently in Master’s Program for Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • BA in Psychology from Northwest University
  • Ministry School Graduate

Personal statement:

I’m passionate about fostering a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where clients feel comfortable and understood.

As an intern I’m loving the opportunity to advocate for Mental Health and well-being. With my professional background being in Pastoring, I’m making the most of my additional education to address issues such as addictions, depression, and anxiety in new ways. I strive to create a safe space where clients can explore their challenges and strengths with compassion and understanding.

By integrating my personal passions with my professional expertise, I aim to connect with clients on a deeper level, fostering an environment of trust, empathy, and growth.

Outside of my professional work, I find joy in a variety of interests and hobbies that help me stay grounded and connected like being outdoors, hiking, mountain biking and snowboarding.